Armand, Nat & Eric

JEAN is an award winning directing collaborative comprised of Natalie Prisco, Armand Prisco and Eric Eckelman.

JEAN has won many awards and broken just as many barriers in their work. Their web series “Commercials” is must-see content for anyone who works in the business. It won a Webby for Best Web Series as well as Best Web Series at both the 2020 LA Shorts and Chicago Film Festivals. Their epic Grand Clio winning mini-movie, “Recipe For Seduction”, starring Mario Lopez as a young Harland Sanders literally redefined what co-branded content can be.

When you work with JEAN you quickly get their thing. It’s a passion for taking the irony, reality, weirdness and odd relatability of everyday life and elevating it through memorable characters and quirky comedic beats that push things to just the right place so that the laughs stick with the audience long after the images fade from the screen.